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"Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; for it becomes your destiny."
~ Frank Outlaw

These words that have been shared by many different people, show us how we can change our own destiny and also be the change we wish to see in the world.  

It starts with a single thought, that builds upon itself. What you think about yourself, your abilities, and other people can help you create the life of your dreams or bring about your greatest fears. Where we consistently focus, our thoughts are going to move towards.

Our words reflect our thoughts. We do not speak of things we do not have thoughts about. Our words, therefore, give insight into what we think and feel about ourselves. We share our likes and dislikes, our fears, our sorrows, our desires, and loves through our words.

Our words generate action.

Our words can bring us closer to others or separate us. They can motivate us to do things that we thought we couldn’t.

We can talk ourselves into moving forward towards our idea of what would improve our satisfaction, increase our joy, provide us with a sense of purpose or meaning. Or we can remain in our oh, so familiar situation. Our words can also encourage others to move towards their sense of purpose or sabotage them.

Be aware of your thinking because the words that follow will determine your actions.

By taking consistent action, a habit evolves.

A habit, after all, is a behavior or action repeated over and over usually without thought. If we act and it feels good, and we get the results that we want we tend to repeat it.

Some of our habits are good and some not so good. We perform small habits every day. We are organized, we are messy;  we have a hopeful outlook or look at the cup ½ empty; we are early; we are late; we are quiet; we are talkers.
Our habits reflect our general sense of being, who we are and how we present in the world. This becomes known as our character.

Others know us by our character. We are described by our character.

  • He is a talker
  • She is reliable
  • He is a go-getter
  • She has a calming presence

Character is developed from our thoughts, the words that express our thoughts and actions we perform habitually.

The thoughts and the actions we perform habitually will determine our destiny.

Negative thoughts lead to actions that will lead to negative results. If we focus on what we can’t do, how difficult it is and all the challenges in our way, our efforts will follow our thoughts. The results will mirror what we are focused on.

"I can’t" will lead you nowhere.

If a more hopeful outlook and approach are adopted; positive thoughts and optimistic words will lead to taking steps to move towards goals and desires.

Yes, there will be challenges but if your habit is to get back up, look for a solution and try again, then your destiny will be one that inspires, encourages and will be met with accomplishments.

How do your thoughts, words, actions, and character foreshadow your destiny?

This isn’t just about you and your destiny but also that of your loved ones - your children, your grandchildren, other family members, relatives, and close friends. Don’t you want them to be able to live their best future?

Take the lead and be the example.

Demonstrate to them how their thoughts, their words, and their actions develop the character traits required to create their destiny.  

"Movement is Magic"

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