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In preparing to write this week’s newsletter, I asked a few people what commitment meant. They readily responded:

  • Hard work
  • It is easy to choose to do something and hard to maintain. Day to day stuff can be hard
  • Achieving something
  • Responsibilities
  • Loyalty
  • Follow through
  • Giving your all and sticking with it to the end

That seemed easy enough.

Then I presented a followup question, that was met with pause:
What are you committed to?

  • My marriage/family/children
  • A specific family member
  • My job
  • To be more organized
  • Saving money

Commitment is the promise or a firm decision to do something.
Everything we set our mind to do requires some level of commitment - pursuing your education; purchasing a home; your job; your children; vacations.  

What does commitment mean to you? Is it a burden or an inspiration?

Frequently the word commitment is used in describing relationships with others.
What about the relationship with yourself?

How does it feel if someone reneges on a commitment to you?  Bad.
How does it feel if you renege on a commitment to yourself?  Worse.

Oftentimes we are quick to rationalize this hurt away.
Have you heard any of these statements?  
  • "Oh, it’s not the right time"
  • "It wasn’t meant to be"
  • "I want to have fun and not feel restricted"
  • If you have the goal to eat healthier -  "I'll start tomorrow".
  • To workout more frequently - "I’m just too tired".

A commitment will involve some form of suffering.
Yes, I said suffering.
We are letting go of what is known and familiar and developing new behaviors and habits.

If you want different results you have to make different choices.
Consequently, the experience of growing pains as we develop into the person we want to be.

Successful people have become successful because they have focused and remained steadfast in pursuing their goals. They experienced setbacks and failures that knocked them off course but they used those failures as learning opportunities and immediately got back on track.
They continued to do this over and over again until they accomplished their goal.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."  Thomas Edison

What are you committed to? What are you going to do to maintain your commitment to yourself?

Perhaps you will….

Clarify your reason for wanting to achieve your goal in the first place.
This reason needs to be deep. It is more of a need.
Why do you NEED to achieve this goal?
The closer you get to your 'why' the more passion you will experience.

Develop patience.
This is a biggie. In our world of instant gratification, we are feeding the region of our brain that likes short term rewards, our emotional side.
The logical more rational side of our brain is holding out for the longer-term accomplishment.  
To help develop patience
    • Take micro-bravery steps - Break the longer term goal into shorter goals
    • Celebrate your micro-bravery wins- celebrating the smaller wins gives you the confidence to keep forging ahead

Be flexible, adaptable & open-minded.
Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" John Lennon

Want to go for a run outside...there is a snow storm.  Treadmill? Cross train inside? Stream some workout videos or reschedule your rest day?

Planned to have a healthy home cooked meal but got delayed at work?
Note to self: "Cook larger portions ahead of time; freeze portions and pull them out at times like this."
Ordering in at the office, choose your selection carefully and be mindful of your portions.
Home cooking is switched to another night.

The point is, be flexible but continue to focus on following through on your commitment. You are in control.

Be accountable to someone.
How committed we are to ourselves will be reflected in the people we hang around with.
Committed to releasing weight but are hanging out with friends that have fast food take out 5 days a week and insist you join them, is not going to help you.
Find someone that will support you and encourage you.
We are more likely to stay on task when we have to share our results with someone else.

When you develop a strong commitment, nothing will get in your way.
Obstacles & challenges will be regarded as speedbumps and not red lights signaling you to stop.

Committing to yourself requires work and may be challenging but it is definitely possible.
If you cannot commit to yourself, how are others going to commit to you?

Choose inspiration. Choose you.

Would you like assistance with increasing your commitment to yourself and your personal goals? Let’s have a conversation.

Respond to this newsletter with the subject line "I'm committed" and answer these four questions:

1. What is your name and tell me a little bit about the goal you would like to commit to?
2. When it comes to reaching this goal, what are your biggest challenges?
3. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest), how important is it to you to attain this goal and why?
4. What's your phone number and email address?

Once your responses are received, a calendar to schedule your Micro-bravery step conversation will be sent to you.

Commit to you,
Wish It. Dream It. Do It!

Nancy Smith
Vibrant You Coaching
"Faith, Focus, Finish"
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