We are almost halfway through the year!

What happened to the goals you set for yourself back at the beginning of the year?  Are you seeing your way towards successfully achieving them?

Perhaps you started off great.
You were on your way, making small strides but results weren’t quick enough and the motivation fizzled.

You were prepared for this so you told yourself "I will get back on track, tomorrow."
On Monday.
Next week?
Next month?
The pattern of starting and stopping continues.

We realize the path towards success is not a straight line. There are hairpin turns and detours. Detours with distractions that lead us in different directions and can take us off our path altogether.

What is the result?

Frustration, which leads to giving up and even forgetting the goal.  
Blaming or shaming ourselves, until we decide we will try again.
IF, we try again.

If we say we want it, why isn’t that enough?

The desire is not enough.
The reason WHY we want it may not be enough.

These are all important variables for deciding what we want to aspire to or for but successful change is going to come from the inside.

So I ask, Who do you think you are?

When we set a goal we know what we need to do.  It has to be a S.M.A.R.T goal,
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic or Relevant & Timeframe.

“I want to lose 15lbs in 3 months”

We will identify what we need to do to achieve it.

“I will go to the gym 3/week and perform 35 mins of cardio activity and 30 mins of strength training.” OR
“I will add at least one more vegetable to breakfast lunch and dinner 5 days per week”

We set our goal and then we focus on the outcome, accomplishing results and the ‘how’ of achieving them.

But we don’t always focus on the WHO: The who we need to be to achieve them.

We haven’t assumed the identity of the person we want to be, with the habits we want to incorporate.

According to James Clear, author of Atomic Habits when we identify with the person with the habits we want to own the chances of us sticking to it, increases.

To be successful and experience lasting change, we need to assume the identity or take on the habits and traits of the person that we wish to become.

We need to act as if we were the person that has already accomplished the goal.

Think back to when you were a child and played your favorite superhero, athlete, princess or magician, you took on the characteristics of that person.

You donned a towel over your shoulders and you turned into your favorite superhero who could leap tall buildings and get through anything to save the day.  

You put on the tiara or a pretty dress and you became the princess telling people what you wanted or didn’t in an authoritative manner.

You used any cylindrical object to create your magic spells.

I know, many kids, including my nephew who wanted to be like Mike. They dribbled a basketball and dunked just like Michael Jordan exuding confidence and finesse.

Who we believe ourselves to be can help or hinder our ability to make lasting changes.

“Who”, means focusing on performing the habits and behaviors of someone who has already achieved the goal you would like to accomplish.
It also means you letting go of the old beliefs about yourself and acquiring the new identity.

So what does this look like?

If you want to lose 15lbs. The goal isn’t really the 15lbs it is more about being a fit and healthy individual that can ……. (fill in your reason why)

  • that has the energy to play with my kids or grandkids.
  • that can wow everyone at the upcoming wedding or reunion.
  • that can enjoy my favorite activity again.

Identifying as a fit and a healthy person makes performing physical activity easier because you do not have to convince yourself to do the behavior because it is already incorporated into your belief and thought patterns.

You are not changing your behavior, you are acting like the type of person you already are.

You may be saying “really”?
If I point out the alternative you may be able to see it more clearly.

When we decide to lose 15lbs and we maintain our old thoughts and beliefs we are coming from a place of trying to convince and bargain with our belief patterns and we hear the same refrain.

  • “It is too difficult to lose weight”
  • “I don’t have time to make healthy meals”
  • “Physical activity is too difficult and I don’t have time”
  • “Joining a gym is expensive”
  • “Hiring a health and lifestyle coach is too expensive”

The more tied you are to these beliefs the more difficult it will be to make changes. You will maintain a self-image that is consistent with your belief.

“Good habits make rational sense but if they conflict with your identity,
you will fail to put it into action.”  James Clear

So who you think you are is fundamental to your ability to make lasting changes.

You may have heard phrases such as:

“Act as if…” - Meaning to act as if what you want already exists.

What would ________ do or think in this situation?” How would someone who possesses the habits or behaviors you admire, respond?

These are some strategies to remind you to think & to take on the habits and behaviors of the person you want to emulate.

Change is an inside job.

So who do you think you are?
Focus on Who you want to be and the results will come.

"Movement is Magic"

Nancy Smith
Vibrant You Coaching
"Faith, Focus, Finish"
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