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It is my newsletter writing day!

I knew it is time to write but I found myself taking care of other things.

By the time I settled down to write I had listened to 3 podcasts, watched one training video and read one of the many newsletters I subscribe to.

I had packed in a lot of information -- strategies to cultivate productive habits,
identifying my ideal clients, working with teams, marketing & increasing my visibility.

As I listened and read, I was doing a lot of work… my head.

I was thinking.

I was thinking about each relevant piece of information and how I could apply it to my life, my business.

But all this work was in my head.

Performing mental gymnastics, mulling over how to apply the tips and strategies but wait… I still haven’t written my newsletter!

Sometimes too much information is just that, too much.

“Knowledge is not power. It’s potential power.
It only becomes power when you use it.”

~ Jim Kwik

So if I go back to this morning, if I don’t implement anything that I listened to, it was just a nice activity to pass some time or to distract me from doing what I need to do.

To gain true knowledge I need to follow through on at least one strategy that I heard or read.

We like to think that the more information we have, it will make us smarter and increase our confidence level.

Once we feel confident then we will move forward.

We have it backward.

We are only going to feel confident once we start doing. We need to apply what we learn.

Confidence is in the doing.

So you ask, what action did I take after consuming all of that information?

Since one of the podcasts was how to use LinkedIn to market to your audience, I applied one of the suggestions and posted one of my previous blog posts to LinkedIn.

I went through the steps and for the first time, I posted my article! (Applause, applause).

Not major but it felt good to move from “that’s a nice idea”, to application.

Consuming too much information is like consuming too much food.

You know what happens when you consume too much food. You become tired, lethargic and you do not want to move.

If you consume too much information you will experience a similar fate. You will experience information overload, become confused and won’t implement anything.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Acquiring knowledge is good but it is best when it’s applied.

"Movement is Magic"

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