Is anybody there?

It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve been fully engaged in working from home due to COVID-19.
When anyone asked how It was going, I responded that it was going well. I actually enjoyed not having to commute.

Then this past week happened.

I felt disconnected.
It was a week where there were fewer meetings and reduced interaction with my co-workers and I noticed!

We have been asked to stay at home and wear masks and practice social distancing. Businesses, gyms, many of our usual spots are closed and our routine activities have ceased. We can’t just hang out.

We are social beings. Connection with others is one of our basic needs that provides physical and emotional health benefits, so this time is challenging.
However, just because we have to keep our distance doesn’t mean we have to isolate.

We have learned a lot about this virus but there is still a lot of unknowns.
We don’t know when we will be able to gather again at our favorite restaurant or hang out at the coffee shop or see our coworkers in the office.
We have to find ways to stay in touch and stay connected, now.

As we navigate this new experience we need to remember that these are new and never before experienced times - keep the past in the past.

Even if you worked from home prior to COVID-19 these are different times. You may be lamenting the activities you used to do and are not sure what is available to you now.

We have to create a new normal and we may have to be more proactive. Wishing to return to the ‘good ole days’ blinds us from seeing the opportunities that are present in the here and now.

A crisis forces us to be creative.
So let’s get creative!

I realize some may be saying “I want to isolate! I am in my home 24/7 with too many people”. :-)

I hear you!

These ideas will help you as well. It may mean taking time to connect with each other differently. Rally your troop and schedule any of the virtual activities listed below.

Here are some fun and creative ways that individuals have employed to stay connected with friends and family:

  • Virtual celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, gender reveals
  • Virtual happy hours or morning coffee
  • Virtual game nights
  • Virtual book clubs
  • Virtual dinner dates; movie dates
  • Virtual dance parties
  • Ordering take-out and having an indoor picnic
  • Virtual prayer group/church service
  • Virtual yoga/fitness classes
  • Learning something new by participating in an online training program
  • Participating in volunteer opportunities from home
  • Going for a walk/run remembering to follow the precautions
  • Celebratory drive-bys
  • Virtual concerts
  • Sending cards, gifts, writing letters

...And yes...
Perhaps not so creative but effective, pick up the phone and call someone. Check-in!
Start with your inner circle and work your way out.

If you do have those, anxious or worry thoughts, have a least one person that you can connect with and share your feelings.

Social distancing does not mean isolation.

You are not alone.

I’m here with and for you.

Send me an email if you want to focus on creating your new normal.


Stay well!

Wish it. Dream it. Do it!

Nancy Smith
Vibrant You Coaching
"Faith, Focus, Finish"

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