Hi there!

How are you doing?

How are you managing through this global pandemic that is having us social distancing, working from home, furloughed, closed businesses, or homeschooling & distance learning?

It has been repeated so frequently - "these are uncertain times".
With every utterance, it reminds us that there is so much that is out of our control.

This increases stress levels, feelings of anxiety, frustration & sadness; decreased energy levels, and motivation. My hypothesis is that people want to return to 'normal' because they want a sense of stability and a feeling of control not because they thought everything was hunky-dory.

During this time, it is helpful to remember that there are areas of our life where we have some control.

We have guidelines for what to do to keep ourselves physically safe - wash our hands, social distancing, don’t touch our face/mouth, sneeze/cough into our elbow. But what about our emotional health and the stress or anxiety we are experiencing?

There are many stress reduction methods and you may know several but we may forget to turn to them at times when we really need them.

One approach I am sharing with you today is:
Making time for Delight

Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of Delight:
Noun: a high degree of gratification or pleasure
         : something that gives great pleasure

Verb: to seek great pleasure
       : to give joy or satisfaction

Making time for delight requires us to pause and notice and savour.
Guess what?! We now have time!

Examples of "delight" moments?
  • Watching the sunrise/sunset
  • The chink sound of a metal bat connecting with a baseball
  • A child’s laughter
  • Your own laughter
  • Finding unexpected money in a pocket
  • Looking through old photos
  • Restful sleep
  • A good book or movie
  • The first sip of a good cup of coffee or tea
  • Hearing the birds chirping
  • Windchimes
  • A rainbow
  • A smile received
  • ...insert your delight here...

My recent moments of delight have been noticing the full moon streaming through my blinds; the bunny rabbit that crossed my path during my walk; the quiet of the early morning walk or run.

As you notice, moments of delight can be small pleasures. Making time for delight helps us stay in the present moment, focusing just on the here and now.

  "Delight is a choice you and I make.
  It’s a choice to revel in moments of celebration.
  It’s a choice to luxuriate in moments of relaxation or joy.
  It’s a choice to be captivated by something.

To delight is a choice to find joy."
  ~How To Find Delight In Your Life This Year by Urban Southern

We have control of how much delight we allow ourselves to experience.

When we are able to move about more freely, what do you want to remember about this time and what routines do you want to bring with you as you create your new normal?

Take this time to notice what brings that spark, the smile, that moment of ‘Ahh’.
There are many!

Savour them!

Stay well!

Wish it. Dream it. Do it!

Nancy Smith
Vibrant You Coaching
"Faith, Focus, Finish"

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